Day in the Life of Sheryl Santos

  • September 6th 2023

The KA Consulting Group is an international team of talented, focused, and forward-thinking professionals. We embrace an agile structure and have experience spanning borders, institutions, and some of the largest global brands. Because of the dedication and expansive skill of our team members, we can maintain the best-in-class professional online profiles for our clients. To share insight into what it’s like to work for such a diverse and dynamic agency, hear from one of its first employees: Sheryl Lynn Santos! 


What is your role?

I am the Executive Assistant for The KA Consulting Group team.


Where are you based?

I’m based in the Philippines. 


When did you start working in the company, and what do you do daily?

I joined the KA Consulting Group in July 2019. 

Each morning, I check Slack and my email for important messages. A significant part of my role involves managing our Founder’s LinkedIn profile and ensuring timely responses to messages and notifications. I also manage the social media accounts of our clients, along with various administrative tasks. Business development is a significant aspect of my role, involving lead qualification and outreach efforts.


How do you structure your day and what does an average day look like for you?

My day starts with organizing my workspace for a clutter-free and efficient environment. After skimming through my calendar, I create a comprehensive to-do list prioritized by urgency. This approach aids in effective task management and allows me to plan each activity meticulously. I eliminate distractions by turning notifications off on my devices when I need to focus on tasks that require deep concentration.

My average day involves a mix of administrative, organizational, and client management tasks. Throughout the day, I coordinate with the team to ensure projects are on track and that client expectations are met. I participate in team meetings to discuss agency updates and address concerns. Finally, I wrap up my day by reviewing my progress, updating my to-do list, and planning for the next day’s tasks.


You have been with The KA Consulting Group for 4 years now. How did you get started at the company and what influenced you to take up your current role?

I joined The KA Consulting Group after Kimberly reached out to me through my remote worker profile on a platform in my country. Initially, I started as a part-time employee while still working at my previous job. Eventually, I transitioned to a full-time role with increased responsibilities. I had always desired the flexibility of working from home, and the tasks included in my job appealed to me and aligned with my interests.

What is it like to be working at a fully remote company?

Working at a fully remote company has been fascinating, offering advantages and challenges. On the plus side, its flexibility allows me to create my schedule and work from anywhere, significantly improving my work-life balance and enabling me to manage my personal and professional lives better.

However, remote work has its own set of challenges. Remote work necessitates greater self-discipline and time management abilities. 

Despite these difficulties, the advantages of remote work outweigh the disadvantages. Working at a fully remote company has been a positive and enriching experience for me as I’ve learned to cope with the unique demands of this work arrangement.


What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

Beyond work, I’m an enthusiastic traveler who loves exploring new destinations. Dining out and experimenting with different cuisines is a passion of mine. Additionally, I find joy in crafting projects and utilizing tools like my Cricut for creative endeavors.


What is a fun fact about you?

A unique aspect of my background is that I hold licenses as a medical laboratory scientist and a professional teacher. My pivot towards marketing and virtual work stemmed from my eagerness to embrace fresh challenges and skills. For extra fun, I thrive on DIY projects, whether crafting something from scratch or fixing things. 


What is your favorite part about working for The KA Consulting Group?

My favorite aspects of working here are continuous learning and collaboration with a passionate team. The opportunity to grow alongside talented colleagues in a dynamic work setting has been highly fulfilling. Working at the agency has broadened my knowledge and significantly enriched my professional journey.

Stay tuned for more from our “A Day in the Life” series to learn about the innovative individuals at The KA Consulting Group!