Why It Works

An investment to turn you into an industry thought leader.

If you or your organization are not investing in thought leadership, you might fall behind in brand-building and influencing decision-makers via a respected and valued digital profile. Investing in thought leadership has a guaranteed direct return for your business.


95% of the B2B executives we work with are among the top 1%* of thought leaders in their industry

*Based on LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index

85% of the B2B executives we work with have been nominated as Forbes Councils members

A client in the life sciences industry has been awarded as one of the Top 3 most socially active pharmaceutical firms

Case Studies

Injecting new energy into life sciences consulting through thought leadership

Our client is a global B2B technology solutions and compliance consulting services company in the life sciences sector. 

The company provides support for organizations in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries at every phase of the product life cycle. In a highly clinical and technical category, insightful and creative thought leadership are few and far between.

Our objective was to inject new life into the client’s thought leadership presence, something that the sector generally lacks. We developed a 360-degree thought leadership strategy showcasing the client’s ability to offer unique guidance, inspire innovation, and influence others.

This resulted in several industry awards, including the recognition as the second Most Socially Active Pharmaceutical Employees in Europe.

Expanding the reach of an inspirational real estate industry leader

Our client leads one of the biggest construction and real estate firms in the USA. He has built a formidable reputation, career, and presence renowned in the US and globally.

As one of the most distinguished leaders in his industry, the reputation he’s built over time as an industry pioneer is something that the thought leadership plan needs to nurture. This meant that we have to proactively position him as an authoritative figure in the industry and beyond. An active and positive online footprint still proves to be the best thought leadership foundation.

Cementing a SaaS company’s industry position through a complete thought leadership ecosystem

Our client is a leading provider of SaaS, specializing in software services in information and service solutions for enterprise asset management and maintenance.

It’s a maturing industry with virtually every sector in SaaS today being fairly tight with competition. There’s very little “white space” left in the industry. This means that very little differentiates most players in the world of SaaS.

Transforming a public company CEO’s online footprint for the long-term within a short period

Our client is the CEO of a company that provides industrial goods, maintenance, repair, and operating products (MRO) throughout North America.

We established him as an industry thought leader and expanded his reach on social media. For a Fortune 1000 company that was recently listed on the New York Stock Exchange, the complete transformation of the CEO’s public profile came at a crucial time in the organization’s history.

According to LinkedIn, over half of professionals say that a business executive’s presence on social media influences their purchase decision. Two-thirds also say that they would be more likely to recommend a company or brand whose leader they follow on social media.

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