Monthly Roundup: January’s Top Posts on LinkedIn

  • January 31th 2023

If you aim to boost your online presence, it can be helpful to examine content published by other leaders to determine which topics and techniques perform best and to share your point of view on trending topics.

Our team at The KA Consulting Group will share monthly round-ups to inspire your content creation and encourage you to build a digital strategy to establish yourself or your brand as a prominent industry thought leader. 

Take a look at this list of 5 top-performing posts on LinkedIn from January to get a comprehensive overview of how various topics and content can succeed online:

1- The World Economic Forum recently hosted its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, and many global thought leaders were seen sharing their takeaways and perspectives online, like in this recap post by Gina Mastantuono. Giving the public insight into specialized events, especially internationally impactful conferences such as WEF, tends to do exceptionally well online. Such global events also tend to create trending topics and attract lots of attention and engagement.

2- Top professionals shared their takeaways from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Of the many posts shared from #CES, we particularly enjoyed this article by author Carlos M. Nunez, M.D., which summarized key learnings and exciting innovations for those who could not be there. As a thought leader in the MedTech sector himself, the author skillfully summed up his experience at the event, using hashtags when relevant. Sharing wrap-ups from events relevant to your passions and those of your audience as frequently as possible.

3- Commemorating national holidays and other historical events are great ways to connect with your audience in an authentic way. Ibram X. Kendi’s post from Martin Luther King Jr. Day stands out from the crowd with its unique messaging. It also sparked a conversation about the origins of the holiday and a healthy debate surrounding the latest MLK monument revealed in Boston that sparked a minor controversy – and boosted engagement. The author’s use of images and hashtags, both of which are favored in the LinkedIn algorithm, also contributed to its virality.

4- New Year resolutions are always a trending topic in January – as are the debates of whether they are sustainable since most people tend to quit within a month. What sets this post by Arianna Huffington apart is that she uniquely approaches the topic and engages with her audience instead of only listing her goals. Arianna is one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices and utilized the platform’s survey feature to interact with her network. Her poll, Did you make a New Year’s resolution for 2023? received an astounding amount of engagement and encouraged viewers to share their resolutions, expectations, and plans for the year.

5- Our LinkedIn newsfeeds saw a surge in content about artificial intelligence this past month following the launch of the infamous ChatGPT. AI brings about an array of obstacles and ethical questions, from people fearing job replacements and robot takeovers to determining when technology becomes more harmful than helpful. ChatGPT-related content went viral due to society’s shared fascination with AI and people’s desire to help one another by sharing beneficial information. Stefanie Marrone’s post on the speed and resourcefulness of ChatGPT attracted comments by generating debate about the hindrances of the system. The author also generated more traffic through the use of video and hashtags, increasing visibility with the LinkedIn algorithm.

Personalizing your digital thought leadership strategy to your goals and audience is key to generating a sustainable following and recognition for your brand or business. Sharing insightful information and perspectives on various current events, holidays, and innovations to foster authentic connections. Using proper hashtags and media also favors the LinkedIn algorithm and better positions your content to be seen by wider audiences.

Apply these tips to craft your LinkedIn thought leadership strategy  – or contact our experts at The KA Consulting Group to establish your online presence as a B2B brand or leader here.